Rhapsody ala Fuscia – A wedding@ Tropical Spice Garden 27/02/09

It’s always a tremendous day when couples get married. The excitement and anticipation is as much felt by all those assisting to prepare for it as the bride and groom. And believe you me, there are a lot of people involved in planning and executing a wedding! And did I mention it’s a case of borderline neurosis in the last few hours of ensuring the wedding proceeds smoothly before the guests sail in – especially so for an outdoor wedding.


However, we love the challenge and that’s what we do best.


Water Garden Champagne Reception - Evening Calm


27 February was one such special day yesterday for our guests Guillaume and Evelyn who flew in for Rome to romance in the Pearl of the Orient.


The Beautiful Bride


Having scaled through Penang and all it had to offer, they finally set their hearts on the sanctuary of the Bamboo Garden to speak those precious vows by witness of God, family and all the beasts of the forest. One could almost see the whole jungle burst in to a colourful rhapsody of joy when the groom was asked to lift the veil and kiss the bride!


At 2pm when it started to shower, there were many mixed emotions from the garden staff, the florists and the wedding planners all scurrying around with scissors, ribbons, clipboards and flower stalks. We all had to dive in and dig out our Plan B blueprints to prepare for the onslaught of heavy rains.


Heavenly Bamboo Garden


The heavens were definitely on our side though and the rain passed and cleared for blue skies and a cool evening breeze and the ceremony proceeded like clock work.


Wedding Ceremony


The couple even brought the Marriage Registrar and they were able to seal the wedding legally also. After stepping down over the large boulders as Man & Wife they continued to lead their guests through the garden pathway where they were all greeted with ice chilled champagne at the Water Garden. The champagne flowed and so did the well wishes and plenty of love and joy all round.


More surprises were waiting for them at the Lone Pine for dinner and we waved the bus off at 6.30pm.


From all of us at Tropical Spice Garden, we wish Gium & Evelyn every happiness and success for the future.


Man & Wife!

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