Slides & Ladders – Kids 3D Adventure Game


FAST FACTS on Slides & Ladders:

1. Included in ALL children’s entrance tickets at Tropical Spice Garden

2. Children aged 4 – 14 years

3. Open from 9am – 4.30pm

4. Maximum 30 kids at one time

5. Birthday party packages available starting from RM40 per head

the layout plan of Slides & Ladders estimating 70' x 70'

Now you have probably heard of snakes and ladders? How we nervously rolled the dice and crossed fingers to avoid the fierce looking snakes and reach the 100th spot! Snakes & Ladders comes to life!    Slides and Ladders offers 4 tube slides built over 6 candy coloured platforms.

Set in the Jungle Trail, it really is a rare treat to play in the lush surroundings of the canopy trees shading the board game. What better way for our children to experience nature and adventure all in one go!

Opening slide is the fastest at Slides & Ladders

Slides and Ladders was custom built by Tropical Spice Garden team led by Kenneth Khoo.  Slides and Ladders was conceptualized in August 2011 and the first game was inaugurated in January 2012. The Gardens took eco friendly measures into consideration during the construction of Slides & Ladders by using recycled timber, and there was no cutting of slopes or trees.

Giant slides of Slides & Ladders, Tropical Spice Garden
Slides & Ladders was officially launched on 21st January 2012 with forty children from the House of Hope as part of a charity drive. The children had a blast of a time with face painting, endless Slides & Ladders games and cup cake decorating followed by a lunch.

House of Hope enjoyed a fab day out at Slides & Ladders with face painting and cup cake decorating

Tropical Spice Garden caters to children’s parties and group events, so hurry and make your bookings and may your child’s 3D adventure begin with Slides and Ladders!

For more inquiries, please call 04- 8811797 or email us at

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