TSG Notecards – Pictures that speak a thousand words

When was the last time you received or sent a birthday card, greeting card or even a simple note by post? Can you still remember the thrill of ripping open an envelope to find a personalized card (and cash!) from a loved one?

TSG Notecards featuring artwork designs by Marni Zainodin
Even in this digital age, the art of writing is not completely forgotten or unappreciated. If anything else, its scarcity has made it even more precious and valued. So pick up that pen and start writing.

With TSG’s beautifully designed notecards, you won’t even have to say much. Portraying a vibrant array of the garden’s flora and lush surroundings the images are mesmerizing and expressive in themselves. Featuring 16 designs by Marni Zainodin, the cards can be used for a variety of events and occasions. They are available individually (RM4.50 per piece) or in sets of 4 (RM16) and 8 (RM28).

TSG Notecards available now at our Gift Shop

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