Goat-cha! 2 days of Fun at TSG

Chinese New Year and Valentine’s Day is just round the corner, and we have interesting programs lining up to celebrate these auspicious event. For the first week of February, we will be starting our very first Jawi Peranakan Cuisines cooking class with guest chef from Jawi House Penang –Chef Nurilkarim. The class will feature Ghee … Read more

Japanese Cooking Class

Japanese cuisine is based on combining steamed white rice or gohan with one or several okazu or main dishes and side dishes. A characteristic of traditional Japanese food is the sparing use of meat (mammal meat), oils and fats, and dairy products. Learn to cook this specialty cuisine with our guest chef Etsuko. Hailing from … Read more

Thai on the Menu

      Devi Nadarajan discovered her passion for cooking soon after getting married (which we can see is very true by the increasing weight of her husband, Raymond).   Specializing in authentic Thai cuisine, Devi, has been improving herself regularly by learning and trying out different cuisines, and definitely having a good time sharing … Read more