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TSG Cooking School

The Tropical Spice Garden Cooking School now has a new website with more information and for easier reference.

No, we are not separating from each other nor moving out, just thought that a stand alone website for The School itself would be great to meet the needs of the guest as time goes by.

Browse around the website to read more about the school itself, the multi-racial cuisines, our friendly (and beautiful) chefs, and of course, Book a Class!

We hope to serve you better. Stay tuned for more upgrading works 🙂

Storing Spices?

TSG Cooking School

TSG Cooking School Spice Rack

Whether you’re partial to bold curries, homemade chilli, warmly spiced granola, or all three, chances are you’ve accrued quite the spice collection, but do you know how best to store your flavourful bounty? Protect your investment by keeping a few simple guidelines in mind:

  • Store spices in airtight containers away from direct heat and sunlight, preferably in a cupboard, pantry, or drawer, so as to avoid damage to their essential oils. If storing spices in a drawer, stock up on a brand whose lid is labeled on top, like Morton & Basset, for easy identification of the contents within, or label the lids yourself. If housing spices in a cupboard or pantry, try a tiered shelf or lazy Susan for the best access.
  • When you first crack open a spice jar, make certain to label it somewhere — we typically mark the bottom of the jar — with the date using a permanent marker. This way you’ll know when the contents’ potency has dulled, avoiding bland, disappointing dishes ahead. Whole spices are typically good for up to three years, while pre-ground should be discarded after one year.
  • If possible, purchase whole spices and grind them to order. As explained above, whole spices have a much longer shelf life, particularly with delicate varieties like nutmeg and cardamom. And the extra step of either grating or grinding up just the right amount — try a Microplane or dedicated coffee grinder, respectively — takes little extra time and will boost flavour immensely.
  • When in doubt, purchase the smallest container of a spice available. If your grocer sells bulk spices, they’re a best bet as turnover is typically high, and you can purchase just what you think you’ll use up within the next few months, storing any extra in a tin or glass container. Alternatively, we’re fond of Spicily, which packages spices in smaller quantities than average.

Green is the New Black

Guest Chef of TSG Cooking School . Vegetarian Menu

Cheng Lze Huei

People are drawn to vegetarian by all sorts of motives including to live healthier and to save the environment. Lze Huei shares her vegetarianism by cooking and believes that people are still open for modern living vegetarian lifestyle base on her experiences.


Lze Huei started her career since 2007 by sharing her personal menu and cooking method. In year 2011, she established vegetarian kiosk “I Love Vege” at Queensbay Mall, Bayan Lepas to share her passions with both locals and oversea customers.  She can be said as the pioneer in the industry and hope to make it a trend to eat healthy.


Some of her expertise dishes includes Japanese Sushi, Basil Spaghetti & Vegen Mushroom Soup, Hot and Sour Soup of Mushroom and Mustard (Chinese Chai-Boi), and Chinese Herbal Soup serve with mixture of mushroom (Bakut Teh),


“By teaching more people about vegetarian food, we can share more modern eating trend to more people so that they can share it with even more families and friends of theirs wherever they go.”


A Culinary Adventure with Dad – TSG Cooking School

A Culinary Adventure with Dad

A Culinary Adventure with Dad

“A Culinary Adventure with Dad” – Father’s Day special Cooking Class just for the faithful fathers and cheeky child! Don’t know how to cook? No worries, we have our talented Chef Rohana to guide you/them throughout the whole session and you will be amazed when you see how good your husband/kid can be!

Class is on 15th June 2014, 9am-1pm.

Have any questions ? Don’t doubt yourself, call us at +604 881 1797 now. Our friendly staff will be there to help you from 9am-6pm daily 🙂

*advance booking required!

Hope to see you !


Valen-Thai Tiffin Picnic by the garden

Valentine's Poster

ValenThai Special

Valentine’s Day is just a week away.

Still wondering on how to surprise your partner?

Forget about the chocolates and flower!

Do something special this year. How about cooking side by side with your Valentine and make this 3 beautiful Thai dishes with your beloved one on this memorable day and dine amidst our luscious garden.

So hurry and booked with us now!

Japanese Cooking Class

Japanese cuisine is based on combining steamed white rice or gohan with one or several okazu or main dishes and side dishes. A characteristic of traditional Japanese food is the sparing use of meat (mammal meat), oils and fats, and dairy products.

Learn to cook this specialty cuisine with our guest chef Etsuko. Hailing from Kyushu, the third largest island in japan, she specializes in traditional home cooked Japanese meals using many types of vegetables and bento sets.

Join us this 23rd November for a Japanese Obento class and learn to make Chicken Teriyaki, Konnyaku Steak, Grilled Nasu with Sweet Miso Sauce & Wasabi Mashed Potato.

Time: 9am – 1pm 

Price: RM220 per person (includes complimentary Guided Tour)

For reservations call 04-8811 797 or email to


TSG Cooking School Special November Menu

In conjunction of our 10th Year Anniversary celebration, Cooking School will be paying tribute to 1 spice each week which are being use in various cuisine from Malay to Nyonya Chinese,  Indian & Thai. Do check out our online menu and book your most preferred class with us! Also in the same month we will be having 1 day “Mini Cooking Classes” at a very attractive rate. Limited seats so hurry and book early!!


Thai on the Menu

Devi Nadarajan




Devi Nadarajan discovered her passion for cooking soon after getting married (which we can see is very true by the increasing weight of her husband, Raymond).


Specializing in authentic Thai cuisine, Devi, has been improving herself regularly by learning and trying out different cuisines, and definitely having a good time sharing her culinary efforts with friends and family.

Thai Green Curry

My kitchen mantra is to try until I burn the house down, which thankfully has yet to happen,” says the bubbly homecook. “I am neither a professional cook/chef nor have I received any training to be one.  I just enjoy cooking, eating, talking about food and sharing tried and tested recipes with family & friends.”


Among her signature dishes are Thai Green Curry, Pandan Chicken and Kerabu (Appetizer Salad)Starting this October, Devi will be sharing her experiences and techniques of preparing simple yet tasty Thai Cuisines.

Pandan Chicken

For class schedule kindly click on or call +604-881 1797 for bookings


“The most remarkable thing about my mother is that for thirty years she served the family nothing but leftovers. The original meal has never been found.” — Calvin Trillin, writer.

Good cook or not, there’s something about a mother’s cooking that makes it especially delicious even if its as uninspiring as…leftovers! Infused with love, every dish retains the taste of memory that will remain with the child for the rest of his life.

This Mother’s Day, share the wonderful experience of making a meal for each other and strengthen the bonds of love with your child in our “Cooking With Mum” session. Learn to make easy to recreate dishes:- Begedel (meat patties), Pumpkin & Spinach Curry and a scrumptious Coconut & Passion Fruit Tart. Session includes a complimentary Guided Tour of the garden and a TSG Souvenir Gift for mums. Limited places so book early!

Begedels (meat patties)

Date: 12th May 2013
Time: 9am-1pm
Price: RM350 per mother + 1 child (min 8 years)
Menu: Heart-shaped Begedels (meat patties) + Pumpkin & Spinach Curry + Coconut & Passion Fruit Tart
Chef: Rohana Turner
For reservations kindly call 04-8811 797 or email