R.I.P Eddy

Today Tropical Spice Garden mourns the loss of a great mover and shaker of Penang’s tourism – Eddy Low Lean Sing. Having walked hand in hand with tourism for more than 20 years and rode the waves of multiple booms and slumps, Eddy was no stranger to the idiosyncracies and difficulties of the tourism trade. Eddy … Read more

Commission is King

Is commission really king? Is taxi driver commission an unwritten law we must abide by? Is commission the sacred right of a driver? Will their bread bowl deplete to ashes if commission is not earned? When we opened for business, or any business for that matter – Customer was King. This has been a time worn … Read more

Bondi Blue wedding!

I’m loving all these terms for colours – Bondi Ocean Beach – what a stunning image! Wan and wife were happily married this summer in their dream garden wedding- dining by cyan blue. The night sky was impeccable and so was the gusty breeze that rendered the coolers quite useless (for once!) Tropical garden weddings in … Read more

New products at our Gift Shop

Announcing the arrival of some new products at the Gift Shop – just in case you skipped it on our Retail icon! Ready…??? 1. Vanilla pods Vanila planifolia Thats right folks, we are the only location in Penang you can purchase vanilla pods at a steal of RM 30 for 50g and RM50 for 100g. … Read more

Herbal Farm, Balik Pulau

Site Visit II for 2009 was to the Herbal Farm in Balik Pulau. Kenny, Javer & I met the guides coming from Gelugor at the Fire Station in Balik Pulau and then convoyed it down, using some rather poor instructions of how to get there. Of course Kenny, my husband, would claim I was the poor navigator … Read more

WebMazers Hunt by RedBox Studio

Would you deem it possible that there are some people in this world who develop a long lasting career seeking out Treasure Hunts to hop one from another? With prize monies running in to the thousands sometimes, the draw is too compelling and too exciting to forego. A professional hunter – what an incredible lifestyle … Read more

Garden guides let loose in the city!

We had a splendid day in George Town with all the garden guides (all but one – Raja) being taken on a tour by a very experienced and seasoned Teresa Capol. Teresa has been giving historical tours of George Town for 10 years now and her passion and camarederie with the many vendors and residents of Little India was warming … Read more

Weekend Guided Tours

Ladies and Gentleness – we are pleased to announce that we are running all day guided tours in the mornings and afternoons of Saturdays and Sundays. I’ll say that again – Guided tours are now available from 9.00am – 5.00pm (upon guides availibililty) on Saturdays and Sundays due to popular demand. Interested in being a … Read more