Sweetie Stevia – What are the benefits?

Benefits of Stevia

SteviaDid you know that recent scientific trials have confirmed that the stevia plant; also known as Stevia Rebaudiana, has in fact many health benefits other than its use as a sweetener. It has many plant derived phyto-chemical compounds that help control blood sugar, cholesterol, blood pressure in addition to its use as natural sweetener. With the rise in health consciousness, stevia has become a replacement for low-calorie sugar alternative. It is a safe and effective plant derived rather than a synthetic sugar substitute. The sweet glycosides are typically concentrated in its dark-green serrated leaves.


Health Benefits:

  • Although stevia herb dry leaves are roughly 40 times sweeter than sugar, it contains no sugar component, thus making it safe for those suffering from diabetes. However it must be taken in moderation. This sweet property of sugar in stevia is due to several glycoside compounds includingstevioside, steviolbioside, rebaudiosides A-E, and dulcoside
  • Stevia can also help to inhibit plaque growth and overall oral health. It has shown its effect on suppressing infectious organisms in the teeth and gums. It can be used as a mouthwash by mixing 3 to 4 drops of it in a half cup of warm water or add 2 drops to regular toothpaste and brush as usual. Regular use, at least twice daily, can keep your teeth and gums in a healthy state.
  • Certain glycosides in stevia extract have been found to dilate blood vessels, increase sodium excretion, and urine output.
  • In addition, to it being an herb, stevia contain many vitals minerals, vitamins that are selectively absent in the artificial sweeteners.


Serving Methods:

  • Dried Stevia LeavesDried stevia leaves can be used as a sweetener in your tea or coffee. Use only small amounts as it is nearly 30 times sweeter than cane sugar. Approximately one teaspoon of dried leaves is equivalent to one cup of sugar!
  • You can also ground into in powder form and store it in an air-tight jar
  • To make it into syrup add a cup of hot water to a ¼ cup of grounded dried stevia leaves. Stevia syrup can be used for cooking.

You can find the instructions on how to make grounded stevia and the syrup in our ‘How To’ section.

*Source of information from herbwisdom.com and www.nutrition-and-you.com

Introducing TSG’s Latest Venture!

Christmas Wallpaper

Looking for gifts but do not have the time to go and shop?

Our online shop has just gone live today!  Introducing TSG’s range of:

  • Books
  • Top grade spices
  • +Spice Therapy range of massage oil, handmade soaps, essential oils, body mists and bath salts; made from pure essential oils here in Malaysia
  • Citronella range of essential oil, body spray and mosquito coils
  • Perfume incense cones

Do check it out here: http://tropicalspicegarden.com/shop/

There will be more products coming your way!

Fresh Vanilla Bean Pods

Vanilla Pods

We are happy to announce TSG gift shop now stocks fresh, pure vanilla pods! Adding fresh vanilla to your recipes, will add the extra flour in your baking recipes!

Frederic Rosengarten, Jr. described vanilla in The Book of Spices as “pure, spicy, and delicate”; he called its complex floral aroma a “peculiar bouquet”. As a result, vanilla is widely used in both commercial and domestic baking. It is also used for perfume manufacture and aromatherapy! Vanilla is the second most expensive spice after saffron because growing the vanilla seed pods is labour-intensive.


How to Prep a Whole Vanilla Bean

What You Need

Fresh, plump, soft vanilla pod

Small, sharp paring knife
Smooth-surfaced cutting board
Small hook or pushpin (optional)


  1. Split the pod lengthwise into two halves:Assemble your cutting board, knife, and vanilla pod. Anchor the pod to the cutting board with your non-dominate hand. This helps you to maneuver the pod without getting your fingers full of the precious vanilla seeds. Start cutting gently without cutting the pod into two, as close to the hook as possible; firmly run the tip of the paring knife down the length of the pod.
  2. Scrape the pod halves: Still holding the hooked area down on the cutting board, run the unsharpened side of your knife down the length of each of the pod halves, using firm pressure. Use the dull side of the knife to carefully but thoroughly scrape the seeds.
  3. Use the seeds and save the pod!Go ahead and add the seeds to your recipe but don’t throw away the pod! You make your own vanilla sugar by adding the split and de-seeded pod to a canister of sugar sealing it well. Let it sit for at least two weeks and voila you have just make your own vanilla sugar!


Kids Camp is back!

After the successful “The Little Night Adventurers”…

Let us present to you: “The Tropical Green Campers“!

The Tropical Green Campers

“As a child, one has that magical capacity to move among the many eras of the earth; to see the land as an animal does; to experience the sky from the perspective of a flower or a bee; to feel the earth quiver and breathe beneath us; to know a hundred different smells of mud and listen unself- consciously to the soughing of the trees.”

– Valerie Andrews, A Passion for this Earth

This 2D1N camp is designed to develop leadership, teamwork, patience, observation skills and patience among children in a nature environment.


Understanding and appreciate the wonder of nature, camping overnight by the beautiful water garden, amuse yourself with the frogs and bugs orchestra in the dark… These are just a few main highlights from the camp.. The most valuable experiences would be the children working together and solve tasks & missions, plus a precious time to learn from an amphibians & reptiles expert (herpetologist)!


We welcome all kids aged 9-13, come and challenge yourself as The Tropical Green Camper of the year!


Early Bird Special (by 30th November)- RM170

Early Bird Special (by 30th November)- RM170
Normal Price- RM185 (inclusive of meals, accommodation and activities)
For booking & details please contact Joleen,
04-8811797  (ext. 311)


p/s: CLICK HERE for some photos of the previous camp: The Little Night Adventurers


Updates ***

The Tropical Green Campers was a success! Photos can be view at:



Do like us on facebook to keep in touch with TSG’s upcoming activities 😀

TSG Cooking School’s new HOMEpage

TSG Cooking School


The Tropical Spice Garden Cooking School now has a new website with more information and for easier reference.

No, we are not separating from each other nor moving out, just thought that a stand alone website for The School itself would be great to meet the needs of the guest as time goes by.

Browse around the website to read more about the school itself, the multi-racial cuisines, our friendly (and beautiful) chefs, and of course, Book a Class!

We hope to serve you better. Stay tuned for more upgrading works 🙂


Night Walks

Night Walks at Tropical Spice Garden

For the first time ever, Tropical Spice Garden presents Night Walks!

Set in a beautiful jungle valley of 8 acres,  our garden showcases a living collection of more than 500 species of flora and fauna. It will be the best nature classroom to discover nocturnal plants, and creatures.

Starting exclusively with max 12 guest per walk, we hope to showcase our tropical rainforest eco-system and to provide an experience of uncovering the mystery of the forest by night. We hope to awaken guest’s senses to the nature and dispel the fears in them. Our well-trained guides will elaborate on nocturnal plants and their night characteristics. There are many creatures of invertebrae, reptiles and amphibians to be discover too!

Night Walks is scheduled start 1st August 2014 and to be held twice a month and each walk will take up to 2 hours. No worries on the torch light and equipment as we will be providing them including light refreshment. Advance bookings is required to participate in Night Walks.

Night Walks for August – October 2014:
1st    August (Fri)           .      23rd August (Sat)
19th September (Fri)     .      26th September (Fri)
3rd October (Fri)            .      24th October (Fri)
Hurry up and register yourself for one of the session!

Promo price until end of October 2014 only!

Storing Spices?

TSG Cooking School

TSG Cooking School Spice Rack

Whether you’re partial to bold curries, homemade chilli, warmly spiced granola, or all three, chances are you’ve accrued quite the spice collection, but do you know how best to store your flavourful bounty? Protect your investment by keeping a few simple guidelines in mind:

  • Store spices in airtight containers away from direct heat and sunlight, preferably in a cupboard, pantry, or drawer, so as to avoid damage to their essential oils. If storing spices in a drawer, stock up on a brand whose lid is labeled on top, like Morton & Basset, for easy identification of the contents within, or label the lids yourself. If housing spices in a cupboard or pantry, try a tiered shelf or lazy Susan for the best access.
  • When you first crack open a spice jar, make certain to label it somewhere — we typically mark the bottom of the jar — with the date using a permanent marker. This way you’ll know when the contents’ potency has dulled, avoiding bland, disappointing dishes ahead. Whole spices are typically good for up to three years, while pre-ground should be discarded after one year.
  • If possible, purchase whole spices and grind them to order. As explained above, whole spices have a much longer shelf life, particularly with delicate varieties like nutmeg and cardamom. And the extra step of either grating or grinding up just the right amount — try a Microplane or dedicated coffee grinder, respectively — takes little extra time and will boost flavour immensely.
  • When in doubt, purchase the smallest container of a spice available. If your grocer sells bulk spices, they’re a best bet as turnover is typically high, and you can purchase just what you think you’ll use up within the next few months, storing any extra in a tin or glass container. Alternatively, we’re fond of Spicily, which packages spices in smaller quantities than average.

Smart Uses For Tea-Tree Essential Oil

TSG Tree Tree Oil | Essential Oil series

TSG Tree Tree Oil | Essential Oil Series

Tea-tree essential oil is an antibacterial powerhouse, making it so useful around the house. Tea-tree, or melaleuca, oil has a slight camphor-like odor and is made from the leaves of the Melaleuca alternifolia, which is native to South East Queensland in Australia. You can find tea-tree oil at most health food stores for a few dollars per bottle, making it a smart investment — with so many uses!

  • Clear skin: Because tea-tree oil is a natural antiseptic, you can get rid of acne fast by dabbing the oil directly on irritated skin.
  • Kill head lice: Not a topic you want to discuss, but head lice happens. Mix one half cup of apple cider vinegar with one tablespoon tea-tree oil and rub it into clean hair. Leave on it the hair for 20 minutes then comb with a lice comb. And this natural treatment can be used as often as needed.
  • Freshen laundry: If your laundry smells a bit musty, add 10 drops to your laundry detergent, and then wash as usual. The antibacterial oil helps freshen and remove lurking mold or mildew.
  • Kill mold: Stop mold and mildew buildup with the help of a simple solution of tea-tree oil, vinegar, and water. It won’t get rid of mold or mildew stains, but it will stop further growth! Just spray, and walk away.
  • Stop bugs: DIY your own indoor or outdoor insect repellent that keeps bugs away.
  • Naturally disinfect: If you have small kids or pets, using store-bought cleaners can leave lingering smells and harsh chemicals. DIY your own all-purpose cleaner with tea-tree essential oil that leaves things safely clean.
  • Eliminate fleas: Add a few drops to your pet shampoo to kill fleas and prevent future outbreaks.
  • Treat athlete’s foot: If your toes are a bit itchy, rub tea-tree oil directly on your feet daily. Tea-tree oil is antibacterial and antifungal, making it a safe way to treat the outbreak.
  • Treat nail fungus: OK, another not-so-fun topic, but if one of your nails has a bit of funk, treat it with a direct application of tea-tree oil until the nail is clear.
  • No more dandruff: Get rid of flakes, and add 10 drops of tea-tree oil to your favorite shampoo. Along with leaving your scalp smelling fresh, no more flakes!
  • Get rid of bruises: If you’re sporting a bruise, gently rub a few drops of tea-tree oil mixed with olive oil over the area.
  • Soothe stuffy noses: When you’re congested, create a soothing steam by bringing four cups water to a boil and adding 10 drops of tea-tree oil. Drape yourself with a towel, and breathe in the steam.
  • No more dry skin: Tired of dry, itchy skin? Add 10 drops of tea-tree oil to your favorite lotion, and shake or squish to distribute. The antibacterial qualities of the oil help soothe skin.
  • Freshen moldy clothes: Forgot about your wash in the washing machine? If you have seriously moldy clothes, soak in one gallon hot water and two teaspoons of tea-tree oil for one hour. Wash as usual, and enjoy the fresh-smelling clothes.
  • Soothe bites: If you happen to suffer from a bee, flea, or mosquito bite, dab the area with a drop of tea-tree oil for instant relief.
  • Relax muscles: Tough day? Fill your bathtub, and add 10 drops of tea-tree oil for instant relaxation.
  • Treat sunburn: Mix together one tablespoon of coconut oil and two to three drops of tea-tree oil for a soothing sunburn helper that can be massaged onto sunburned areas as often as needed.
  • Remove ticks: If you happen to find a tick on yourself or your pet, drip a few drops directly on the little sucker, and it should release, making it easy to remove.
  • Refresh carpets: If your rugs are a bit damp-smelling, mix together one cup of baking soda with 20 drops of tea-tree oil, and sprinkle over the carpet. Let sit for 20 minutes, then vacuum.


TSG Essential Oil series can be found at Tropical Spice Garden’s Gift Shop or send in a purchase order to retail@tropicalspicegarden.com

Green is the New Black

Guest Chef of TSG Cooking School . Vegetarian Menu

Cheng Lze Huei

People are drawn to vegetarian by all sorts of motives including to live healthier and to save the environment. Lze Huei shares her vegetarianism by cooking and believes that people are still open for modern living vegetarian lifestyle base on her experiences.


Lze Huei started her career since 2007 by sharing her personal menu and cooking method. In year 2011, she established vegetarian kiosk “I Love Vege” at Queensbay Mall, Bayan Lepas to share her passions with both locals and oversea customers.  She can be said as the pioneer in the industry and hope to make it a trend to eat healthy.


Some of her expertise dishes includes Japanese Sushi, Basil Spaghetti & Vegen Mushroom Soup, Hot and Sour Soup of Mushroom and Mustard (Chinese Chai-Boi), and Chinese Herbal Soup serve with mixture of mushroom (Bakut Teh),


“By teaching more people about vegetarian food, we can share more modern eating trend to more people so that they can share it with even more families and friends of theirs wherever they go.”


Wedding @ Water Garden

Aspen & Tamika Bear

Aspen & Tamika Bear

Last week was great at the garden as we celebrated Aspen & Tamika’s wedding. It was wonderful yet touching to see them tying the knot together and now become one in the presence of their family. Though it was a small yet simple ceremony but we can feel the warm of the couple and their family, gathering together again after years of separation due to work and so on.

Click HERE to view some images of the wedding ceremony.

Would like to congratulate the newly wedds once again. Be merry and be happy!

Contact us @ +604-881 1797 for enquiries on venue hire.