2D1N Garden Crafters Kids Camp!

Kids Overnight Camp-June

Introducing to you.. The GARDEN CRAFTERS 2D1N Kids Camp!

This is the third overnight camp that will be organised by the Nature Education team of TSG and we love to bring the kids back to nature!

To be held on 6th – 7th June 2015, the camp aims to combine the elements of arts with gardening by making customised planter posts from recycled materials, and of course other activities including overnight in the camp that they will need to set up by their own, picnic by the beach and also night walk session in a complete different-from-daytime garden.

Come join us in exploring the natural textures and colours of the rainforest and enjoy getting your hands dirty while bringing out the creativity within you!

*Early bird registration closes 24th May 2015. Grab the deal!

For enquiries please contact:


+604 8811 797/ +6012 4988797


A Fun-tastic Day with the Kids- Im A Junior Naturalist TOO

I’m a Junior Naturalist Too!

The fun of being a naturalist is learning all you can about the natural world! We believe that Nature Education is the key foundation for children to learn about their nature surrounding, appreciate wildlife & plants, and understand the importance of conserving & protecting our tropical nature environment.

“I’m a Junior Naturalist” is a 1-day outdoor programme happening in the Tropical Spice Garden. The first Junior Naturalist was conducted on Dec 2014, which lots of joys of laughter, photos here: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.703244633027272.1073741875.158661167485624&type=3

This year, “I’m a Junior Naturalist TOO!” on the 21st March 2015, was a success! Special thanks to the facilitators – Joleen, Jocelyn, Paul & Ms Hor (volunteer) for making the event a memorable one for the kids and us! Hereby we summarise the activities from that day.

Started off in the morning with a briefing & ice-breaking game session. Guess what we played? The fun Garden Musical Chair Game!


Briefing session with the little ones


Playing games by the water garden gave the children a fresh nature environment to warm up. Everyone was having a great time through self-introduction & grouping session. Not forget to mention the “Koel” bird call! *inside joke*

musical chair

Who didn’t get to sit will need to introduce themselves!


The first naturalist activity of the day was the Nature Explorer! The 3 groups were ordered to complete a 4-mission task which required them to observe & record the spices & herbs along the spice terraces, search for the coins hidden around trees, teaching foreign guests to read Malay paragraph, and a nature scavenger game!

naturalist quest

Memorising the names of the spices and come back to write it down


read the text

Angeline in action

After the fun Nature Explorer, we had a quick snack time then headed up to the secondary forest behind the Beverages of the World terrace. The children were told to stay close with each other, to respect the forest by not plucking any plants unless we permit so, and many more.


Into the woods


camp 6

The ferns are as tall as them. Adventurous!


The kids learnt about some secondary forest plants, such as the Resam fern, Club Moss, Tiup-tiup tree, Red barked Tree and many more. We also spent some quality at the water catchment area up on the hill, looking at the natural water flow system, and observing Nepenthes Pitcher plants. Regardless the complaints on how tough were the trails and the annoying tall bushy ferns, we enjoyed each other’s accompany so much that the kids learnt the way of teamwork in forest.

camp 7

The boys leading the way


After lunch we had the most enthralling activity of the day – The Naturalist Quest. Kids were required to venture around the garden, observe and record the nature observation around them. All of them were truly naturalists as they make use of the “nature tables”, weren’t mind to get dirty by lying down on the ground to write down their observations. We were all amazed by these little naturalist’s performances.

camp 8

By the turtle pond


camp 9

This booklet will remind them of their childhood memory when they are all grown up


camp 10

Kai Jie in action


Before proceeding to the Water Fun activity down the stream along the Heart of the Garden, we had a post-naturalist briefing time together, discussed on individual’s findings and their thoughts on nature.

camp 11

Girls power!


The little researchers were looking for guppies & water striders.

camp 12

Kids love water and getting wet and all muddy! After changing, we all gathered around the water garden for the graduation ceremony which we distributed the certificates & prizes to the kids.

camp 13

Group photo before we end the day!


Overall, we were all very happy for “I’m a Junior Naturalist TOO”, especially after receiving the feedbacks from the parents! Check out our Facebook album for more photos of the camp: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.953025028049230.1073741906.158661167485624&type=3

We are currently planning on our next overnight camp in June 2015. Meanwhile, we are running various half day programmes for kids age 6-12 too! If you are interested, feel free to contact us for more details!


Nature Education Department

04-8811797 (Ext 311)


Birds & Nests – Signs of Spring

The past 3 months was spring time in Penang!

Most of the flowering plants in the garden were blooming, and we also managed to observe two different bird nests by the water garden!

Yellow Vented Bulbul's Nest

Yellow-vented Bulbul’s Nest

We first observed the nest on Feb 23th when we noticed a couple of adult Yellow-vented Bulbuls (Pycnonotus goiavier) flying around the shrubbery by the water garden. There were two hatchlings in the nest, which grew rapidly as days passed. When we first saw them their eyes were closed, very tiny and featherless. It was difficult to see them clearly even from half a metre away due to the thick shrub, but then again, we didn’t want to get too close and agitate the parents.

Approaching March, they developed their primary wing feathers. With their big wide eyes, they started to test their wings by fluttering them rapidly while perching at the edge of the nest.The parents of the juveniles were nearby the nesting site all the time, making sure their precious were well fed & groomed. It took 9 days for these two juvenile yellow-vented bulbuls to fledge. Indeed it was a beautiful experience observing the bulbuls. They are fascinating to watch, and most importantly, family oriented for both the male and female took turns caring for their young.

Olive Backed Sunbird's Nest

Olive-backed Sunbird’s Nest

We were attracted by the not too loud, yet high pitched call by the water garden. Upon investigation, we saw a female adult Olive Backed Sun bird (Cinnyris jugalaris) perching on a branch where its nest was attached to.

Sunbird nests are unique as they are purse/pear-shaped, hanging from a tree branch and constructed using leaves, twigs and sometimes spiderwebs.  This adorable sun bird then flew into her nest and remained calmly in there guarding her babies, unperturbed by our observations. If you would like to have a closer view, try approaching it quietly and slowly and you’ll witness the sweet darling smile of a sunbird. Beautiful day? Go out & explore now, you might find beautiful things around you!

Bird Nest

Yellow-vented Bulbul vs Olive-backed Sunbird


I’m a Junior Naturalist TOO!

Missed the last “I’m a Junior Naturalist” 2013?

No worries, you can start planning for the upcoming March school holiday’s “I’m a Junior Naturalist TOO”!

I'm a

Come forth into the light of things, let nature be your teacher.” – William Wordsworth

Nature is the best teacher and greatest classroom for children to learn about their surrounding. Enroll your kids now as they explore the plants and animals around them through their observation & critical thinking skills.

Not forget to mention that the kids will be trekking up to the secondary forest and learn about the native plants, going down to the stream area hunting for guppies and water striders, plus an exciting fun amazing race game in the garden, and many more!

We always believe that Nature Education does not only inspires, but also enhances the creativity & imagination of children.

For more information & registration, contact:
04-8811797 Ext. 311


Click to view photos of I’m A Junior Naturalist, Dec 2013

Goat-cha! 2 days of Fun at TSG

Chinese New Year and Valentine’s Day is just round the corner, and we have interesting programs lining up to celebrate these auspicious event.

For the first week of February, we will be starting our very first Jawi Peranakan Cuisines cooking class with guest chef from Jawi House Penang –Chef Nurilkarim. The class will feature Ghee Rice with Cucumber Achar, Creamy Rose Chicken, and Sago Pudding with Palm Sugar. Book online here.

The cooking school will also be open during the weekend itself but this round it’s for the children! Let your children participate in The Little Chef’s Adventure where they will first join in for a 5 Senses Tour, where they could maximise the usage of their sense of hear, touch, taste, smell and sight in the tropical forest, learning about the nature environment and also on the tropical herbs and spices. Then they will go on a journey of food preparation where they are expose to different ingredients and are required to produce a set or two dishes under the instruction of the facilitator and they will end the session with the most exciting Slides & Ladders 3D Boardgame. Limited space, so do hurry up and book a slot for your kid. Group bookings are most welcomed too.

Not to forget, on the following Sunday (8th Feb), all are welcome to join in for a Craft making session where children can get a hands-on session doing Chinese New Year crafts and decorations and followed by a Story Telling Session with Master Choo, where he will be sharing stories about ancient Chinese tales, ie the 12 Chinese Zodiacs. This event is open to public and it will be held at the Pavilion. So if you happen to be nearby on Sunday, do drop by the garden with your kid and enjoy a two and a half hours of fun with us!

Do no hesitate to give us a call or drop us a line in the comment section if you have any enquiries 🙂

T: +604 881 1797   E: education@tropicalspicegarden.com

Kids Camp is back!

After the successful “The Little Night Adventurers”…

Let us present to you: “The Tropical Green Campers“!

The Tropical Green Campers

“As a child, one has that magical capacity to move among the many eras of the earth; to see the land as an animal does; to experience the sky from the perspective of a flower or a bee; to feel the earth quiver and breathe beneath us; to know a hundred different smells of mud and listen unself- consciously to the soughing of the trees.”

– Valerie Andrews, A Passion for this Earth

This 2D1N camp is designed to develop leadership, teamwork, patience, observation skills and patience among children in a nature environment.


Understanding and appreciate the wonder of nature, camping overnight by the beautiful water garden, amuse yourself with the frogs and bugs orchestra in the dark… These are just a few main highlights from the camp.. The most valuable experiences would be the children working together and solve tasks & missions, plus a precious time to learn from an amphibians & reptiles expert (herpetologist)!


We welcome all kids aged 9-13, come and challenge yourself as The Tropical Green Camper of the year!


Early Bird Special (by 30th November)- RM170

Early Bird Special (by 30th November)- RM170
Normal Price- RM185 (inclusive of meals, accommodation and activities)
For booking & details please contact Joleen,
04-8811797  (ext. 311)


p/s: CLICK HERE for some photos of the previous camp: The Little Night Adventurers


Updates ***

The Tropical Green Campers was a success! Photos can be view at:



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