Jawi Cuisines at it’s best with Chef Nuril

Chef Nurilkarim

Chef Nurilkarim

Introducing our new guest chef at TSG Cooking School starting February 2015- Chef Nurilkarim Razha.

Nuril will be conducting cooking classes on Jawi Peranakan cuisines, which we believe he is the most suitable candidate to do so because of his astonishing background and experience in the industry. He will be having his very first class at TSG Cooking School on the 3rd of February 2015. Do not miss this opportunity to learn from an authentic Peranakan Jawi chef!

I have always had a very strong passion for food from an early age, not only in cooking Asian dishes but trying out different combinations of herbs to enhance local flavours and bland European food. The food industry also generates infinite possibilities for the young and passionate. My interest in this field is inspired by the way my parents encouraged me to make culinary presentations to their guests and the ovation I received from my friends every time I cooked for them. Growing up in an environment such as Penang where the culinary mosaic is so diverse and all ethnic communities delight in trying food from other cultures, I have thoroughly enjoyed eating out and finding the ‘secret’ ingredients which has made particular dishes so ‘special’ to the people in Penang and tourists. Penang has helped me develop a strong love for local cuisine and flavours. I believe my Diploma in Culinary Arts and Degree in Hospitality and Events Management combines well with my earlier interests and will provide me with a firm foundation to start my career in this industry.

Furthering my undergraduate studies in Hospitality and Events Management has also given me a wider perspective in the industry. I now can expand my capabilities and interests and venture beyond the kitchen into higher managerial positions. I have also learned to accept high standards of practice and service, necessary to expel the perceived mediocrity affecting Hospitality and Tourism in some parts of the country. My other personal interests also include flora and fauna photography, gardening and indigenous aquaculture related to sources of food; I am a firm believer in sustainable sources of food particularly in businesses which are large consumers of natural resources. As an individual who is young in this field, I am eager to develop a modern fine dining Peranakan cuisine for an international clientele where every flora of the Menu; flowers, spices, shoots and herbs, will be research based and sourced from our lush equatorial gardens and rainforests. I hope eventually to be an international symbol of tropical hospitality and a future market leader. I know I must do this – fulfil my life ambition and find happiness in what I do.”

Nurilkarim Razha is a Malaysian award winning Chef, with a degree in IMI Bachelor of Arts in International Hospitality and Events Management (Hons) and an IMI Diploma in Culinary Arts. While he was an undergraduate at college, he was Captain of the Independent team at Hong Kong; won the Bronze Medal at’ the Food Hotel Asia Culinary Challenge’, East meets West, Open Category, Food & Hotel Asia Singapore, in April 2010 and the Silver Medal at the International Culinary Classic Competition, Hong Kong in 2011. He created a fusion nyonya and French entrée prepared with grilled cod and otak-otak with Asian basil and pesto sauce. He conducted a cooking demo for a book launch, entitled, ‘Redefinition: Molecular Cuisine, Traditional Recipes through a Modern Kaleidoscope” by Darren Teoh Min Guo’ at the Grand Dorsett, Subang Jaya in October 2010 and had a published patented recipe in the book, entitled Senangin Masak Assam,Peppered Jelly, Ulam pp 172-175 ; 2010: August Publishing . Nuril was Head of Food & Beverage and Planned Menu for ‘World Chefs Day’, Tropicana City Mall, endorsed by Chefs Association of Malaysia, October 2010. He has been Executive Chef of the ‘Practical Production Module’ KDU University College, November 2009 and Class Representative and Executive Chef of Cula 3, Diploma in 2009.

Nuril Joined Cilantro at Micasa Hotels, Kuala Lumpur in 2011, the only Malaysian Restaurant listed in the Miele Food Guide where he engaged in a week-long food fest with two Star Michelin Celebrity Chef, Yuichi Kamimura in November 2012. In 2013, he returned to Penang to take up a job as Executive Chef and Manager of JAWI HOUSE, a Jawi Peranakan or Peranakan Muslim Heritage Café on the famous Armenian Street walk in George Town. He designed the Peranakan Muslim Heritage Menu and the organisational plan of the Heritage Café at JAWI HOUSE.

Nuril was Culinary Editor of the much acclaimed Peranakan Muslim Heritage Series book, “Feasts of Penang: Muslim Culinary Heritage” by Dato’ Dr Wazir Jahan Karim (MPH 2012) and presented the book to TYT, Tun Abdul Rahman (Dr) Hj. Abdul Abbas, the Governor of Penang in July 2013 at the Third George Town Festival, an event co-sponsored by Think City and JAWI HOUSE, which also launched JAWI HOUSE Café Gallery. In August 2014, he was selected for the Penang Global Tourism Promotional Campaign, featuring Jawi Peranakan foods and participated in AFC/Penang Global Tourism Series on ‘My Penang’ in August 2014. In September 2014, he organised the Peranakan Muslim Food Launch at the Opening of The Star Building, George Town. Nuril was strongly recommended to participate in SNAP TV (London) Series on George Town’s Street Foods with Ainsley Harriot; “Anisley Eats the World” and demonstrated Jawi Laksa, a JAWI HOUSE signature dish for Chef Ainsley Harriot, in November 2014.

For more information about cooking classes schedules and availability, do log on to TSG Cooking School’s website: www.tsgcookingschool.com or simply drop us a line below if you need any assistance. All bookings and payment should be made in advance to avoid any disappointment. 

Kids Camp is back!

After the successful “The Little Night Adventurers”…

Let us present to you: “The Tropical Green Campers“!

The Tropical Green Campers

“As a child, one has that magical capacity to move among the many eras of the earth; to see the land as an animal does; to experience the sky from the perspective of a flower or a bee; to feel the earth quiver and breathe beneath us; to know a hundred different smells of mud and listen unself- consciously to the soughing of the trees.”

– Valerie Andrews, A Passion for this Earth

This 2D1N camp is designed to develop leadership, teamwork, patience, observation skills and patience among children in a nature environment.


Understanding and appreciate the wonder of nature, camping overnight by the beautiful water garden, amuse yourself with the frogs and bugs orchestra in the dark… These are just a few main highlights from the camp.. The most valuable experiences would be the children working together and solve tasks & missions, plus a precious time to learn from an amphibians & reptiles expert (herpetologist)!


We welcome all kids aged 9-13, come and challenge yourself as The Tropical Green Camper of the year!


Early Bird Special (by 30th November)- RM170

Early Bird Special (by 30th November)- RM170
Normal Price- RM185 (inclusive of meals, accommodation and activities)
For booking & details please contact Joleen,
04-8811797  (ext. 311)


p/s: CLICK HERE for some photos of the previous camp: The Little Night Adventurers


Updates ***

The Tropical Green Campers was a success! Photos can be view at:



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The Big Draw : Campaign for Drawing

The Big Draw : Penang Style . Campaign for Drawing

Are you passionate about drawing? In love with the green outdoors? Join us at Tropical Spice Garden this Sunday, 5pm at the Pavilion and enjoy and evening of sketching in our beautiful glass box where you can look out and compose a world of beautiful plants. If you would like to get up close and personal with the plants, you are welcome to do so as well!

Don’t worry about how good your skills are, we just want you to have an enjoyable day because drawing is all about FUN!! Come with your art materials or grab the pencils and paper around you to get started.

All drawings will be photographed and posted online, after which you are free to take them home.

The Big Draw: Penang Style

Date: 12th October 2014

Time: 5pm – 7pm

Venue: Pavilion, Tropical Spice Garden


Official Website: www.thebigdraw.org

Official Venue Website: The Big Draw_Tropical Spice Garden

Facebook: The-Big-Draw-Penang-Style

TSG Cooking School’s new HOMEpage

TSG Cooking School


The Tropical Spice Garden Cooking School now has a new website with more information and for easier reference.

No, we are not separating from each other nor moving out, just thought that a stand alone website for The School itself would be great to meet the needs of the guest as time goes by.

Browse around the website to read more about the school itself, the multi-racial cuisines, our friendly (and beautiful) chefs, and of course, Book a Class!

We hope to serve you better. Stay tuned for more upgrading works 🙂


Night Walks

Night Walks at Tropical Spice Garden

For the first time ever, Tropical Spice Garden presents Night Walks!

Set in a beautiful jungle valley of 8 acres,  our garden showcases a living collection of more than 500 species of flora and fauna. It will be the best nature classroom to discover nocturnal plants, and creatures.

Starting exclusively with max 12 guest per walk, we hope to showcase our tropical rainforest eco-system and to provide an experience of uncovering the mystery of the forest by night. We hope to awaken guest’s senses to the nature and dispel the fears in them. Our well-trained guides will elaborate on nocturnal plants and their night characteristics. There are many creatures of invertebrae, reptiles and amphibians to be discover too!

Night Walks is scheduled start 1st August 2014 and to be held twice a month and each walk will take up to 2 hours. No worries on the torch light and equipment as we will be providing them including light refreshment. Advance bookings is required to participate in Night Walks.

Night Walks for August – October 2014:
1st    August (Fri)           .      23rd August (Sat)
19th September (Fri)     .      26th September (Fri)
3rd October (Fri)            .      24th October (Fri)
Hurry up and register yourself for one of the session!

Promo price until end of October 2014 only!

Green is the New Black

Guest Chef of TSG Cooking School . Vegetarian Menu

Cheng Lze Huei

People are drawn to vegetarian by all sorts of motives including to live healthier and to save the environment. Lze Huei shares her vegetarianism by cooking and believes that people are still open for modern living vegetarian lifestyle base on her experiences.


Lze Huei started her career since 2007 by sharing her personal menu and cooking method. In year 2011, she established vegetarian kiosk “I Love Vege” at Queensbay Mall, Bayan Lepas to share her passions with both locals and oversea customers.  She can be said as the pioneer in the industry and hope to make it a trend to eat healthy.


Some of her expertise dishes includes Japanese Sushi, Basil Spaghetti & Vegen Mushroom Soup, Hot and Sour Soup of Mushroom and Mustard (Chinese Chai-Boi), and Chinese Herbal Soup serve with mixture of mushroom (Bakut Teh),


“By teaching more people about vegetarian food, we can share more modern eating trend to more people so that they can share it with even more families and friends of theirs wherever they go.”


Wedding @ Water Garden

Aspen & Tamika Bear

Aspen & Tamika Bear

Last week was great at the garden as we celebrated Aspen & Tamika’s wedding. It was wonderful yet touching to see them tying the knot together and now become one in the presence of their family. Though it was a small yet simple ceremony but we can feel the warm of the couple and their family, gathering together again after years of separation due to work and so on.

Click HERE to view some images of the wedding ceremony.

Would like to congratulate the newly wedds once again. Be merry and be happy!

Contact us @ +604-881 1797 for enquiries on venue hire.

Garden Audio Tour -check out our new rates

Garden Audio Tour

Yes, this what’s we’re working on recently. All the installations and renovations is going on progressively in the garden now. Garden Audio Tour starts on 1st of April 2014 in 7 international languages. It is an innovative by the garden hoping to bring your garden tour experience to a whole new level.

Garden Audio Tour

Adult                : RM26.00

Senior/Student : RM20.00

Child                : RM15.00


Live Guided Tour [9am , 11.30am, 1.30pm & 3.30pm]

Adult                 : RM35.00

Senior/Student : RM 28.00

Child                 : RM 20.00


We apologise for all the inconvenience during this time and do bare with us for a little while more as we are at the final stage of maintenance.

Hope to see you soon 🙂

Something exciting !

Just a quick update!

Will be expecting a major update in the garden by April, 2014!

Please take note that there will be changes on rates and fees (including garden entrance, team buildings, and venue hire) starting April 2014, we will update on it once we have everything confirmed. In the mean time, do give the garden a call if you have any inquiries.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused and hope to serve you even better in the future.

Tel: +604- 881 1797      Fax: +604- 881 3794

Email: info@tropicalspicegarden.com

CNY ‘Kuih’ Making Workshop

It’s the season of gift and joy again..

Noticed that the Aunty opposite your house starts to sit in the porch with the charcoal burning and some metal clips on it.. that familiar noise from the metal clips.. that buttery yet a little bit burnt smell in the air..


For those of you who cannot picture this, visit the garden on the 26th January 2014 to get a hands-on on how Kuih Kapit and Kuih Bangkit is done.

CNY Poster

Let me give you a brief intorduction:

IMG_0102Kuih Kapit a.k.a Love Letters is a traditional Nyonya thin/sliced biscuits make using these metal clips. and has has become a culture of the Chinese to make this during the Chinese New Year.

traditional chinese new year cookies

traditional chinese new year cookies

Kuih Bangkit a.k.a Baked Tapioca Flour Cookie is another famous Nyonya cookies and it’s a must have during the Chinese New Year. It is very soft and melts as soon as it’s in our mouth!

To learn more about them, come visit us at the garden.

Bring your kids along, it would be a great opportunity for them to learn and experience a culture’s tradition.