Children’s Tours

Children’s Nature Education Programs

Forget the iPads! If you want your kids to grow up with an appreciation for nature, start them young with our Nature Education Programs! Kids love Tropical Spice Garden because they’ll learn and play in ways like never before. Check out all our fabulous nature packages for kids below. All packages include our immensely fun 5 Senses Tour and playtime at the Slides & Ladders Giant 3D Board. For ages 12 and below.

Nature Box

(approx.3.5 hours)

Nature Box is a treasure hunt like no other! Your kids will learn to work as a team, search for clues in the great outdoors and learn about the natural world. They’ll be more observant after taking part in this nature inspired scavenger hunt! The best way to get your kids out and about! This package needs approximately 3.5 hours from start to finish. For ages 12 and below. Guaranteed fun!

Amazing Trees

(approx.3.5 hours)

Amazing Trees open up a new kind of world for children. Our guides will share stories of how trees “eat”, “wear clothes” and grow just like us humans! Includes activities to help kids understand what trees are all about such as bark tracing, leaf collage and fallen log investigation. Your child will come away with renewed respect and wonder! For ages 12 and below.

Young Crafters

(approx.3.5 hours)

Young Crafters lets your children work with their hands to create art from natural and recycled materials. As they work on their art pieces, they also learn about their natural surroundings. A great package for children who are keen about art and craft. Your kids will learn to create various craft items in this 3.5 hour session. All art materials provided.

Spice Buzz

(approx.3.5 hours)

Spice Buzz is for children who love the smells of spices. We’ll introduce your kids to the weird and wonderful world of spices using games. They’ll explore the uses and importance of spices. They’ll also have a great deal of sniffing to do!  This 3.5 hour session ends with spice painting to further enhance your child’s sensory creativity!  Your kids will never look at spices the same way again!

Green Fingers

(approx.3.5 hours)

If your child loves gardening, Green Fingers is the way to learn more about how plants grow. Our guides will help your budding gardener uncover tips and tricks for growing healthy flowers, vegetables, herbs and shrubs. This 3.5 hour session gives your child a deeper appreciation for growing his own food.

Little Night Adventurers

Enquire about our kids overnight camps and night walks too! Kids night activities include specialized night walks and creature and plant identification at night, light trapping and a frog search. Overnight camping can also be arranged with tents and torches provided. Stay tuned for our holiday camps!

Pricing & Other Details

For group bookings or school bookings, please contact us
for pricing and other details at 04-8811797.

All the above nature packages come with:

Garden 5 Senses Tour

See, smell, listen, touch and taste the rainforest! Your children will take part in wildlife sightings, inhale spice aromas, listen to how nature sounds, feel the textures of Nature and taste spice infused drinks, guided by our experienced guide. This Garden 5 Senses Tour takes approximately 1.5 hours.

3D Giant Slides & Ladders

No trip to Tropical Spice Garden is complete for kids if they don’t take part in our giant 3D adventure game adopted from the classic Snakes & Ladders. We call ours Slides & Ladders! This giant play area with colourful tube slides and platforms offer immense fun for kids. Plus we have gifts for winners too!