Garden Features

Transition points in between the Garden Rooms are created in the form of numerous child-friendly Garden Features such as stream crossings, doorways, hammocks, gazebos and pergolas.

Water Features

The Garden was designed in such a way that one should be able to hear the relaxing sounds of running water at almost any vista. The stream that runs through the core of the gardens is based on perfect feng shui principles – the water flows from top to bottom to the sea and the mountain is at the back . Sensitive visitors have commented on the calming/ peacful and happy energy that is present in the Gardens.
Water features provide the relaxing sound of running water at waterfalls, ponds and streams, providing a cooling and soothing sensation. The use of waterways provides an alternative habitat for a more diversified ecosystem and also serves as an irrigation network.

Wooden Structures

Pavilions, gazebos, gateways, bridges, benches, steps, sign posts and decking have been constructed out of a variety of Malaysian seasoned and mature hardwoods including chengal batu, meranti and teak, salvaged and recycled for use from demolished warehouses and pre-war houses in Penang.

Viewing Stations

Benches built with more than generous proportions and deep seating are strategically positioned throughout the Garden for visitors to relax and fully take in the sights and sounds. If you’re lucky you might have a chance to sit back on our specially imported Mayan hammocks.

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