Garden Trails


There are 3 trails that begin from the Front Office.

Each takes approximately 20-45 minutes to complete.


Spice Trail

View over 100 varieties of tropical spices and herbs used as flavourings, medicines, dyes and perfumes. Get hands-on experience of grinding spices, and retrace the historical spice trade routes on the “Spices of the World” globe installation painted by local artist, Rebecca Duckett.


Ornamental Trail

In the heart of the valley is a collection of exotic flora chosen for their structural forms (palms), ornamental foliages (ferns, crotons) or stunning flowers (gingers). Mature and endemic palms are planted to provide a frame for the trail. Look out for the giant swing and waterfalls!


Jungle Trail

This is a shady elevated pathway that meanders through the jungle and overlooks the stream, showcasing ferns, wild orchids, understorey palms and other significant jungle flora, some of which are major commercial crops (palm oil, rubber) or are used by the Orang Asli (indigenous Malaysian)



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