Night Walks

Night Walks are magical night tours that take you on a journey of discovery of Tropical Spice Gardens’ nocturnal flora and fauna.

Our well-trained, experienced guides will bring the beauty of the night to life! Some highlights include an Appreciation of the Dark exercise and an Insect Light Trap. All guests will be provided with torchlights and a hot cup of tea and light refreshments at the end.

Catch the magnificent Victoria amazonica in bloom at the start of the walk and if you’re lucky you may find a sleeping bulbul tucked away on a palm leaf nearby. Can your ‘night eyes’ spot the night active colugos gliding through the canopy or will you be able to spot the ever-elusive Penang Island banded gecko?

Night Walks make a great team building exercise or simply a fantastic night out with friends and family.

The night garden is a treasure trove of fascinating nature finds!
Join us on these Night Walks and bring out the hidden adventurer in you!

Maximum number of participants per guide : 15

For bookings:
Ring: +604 8811 797