Being Vegan : Saving The Planet One Bite At A Time

Being Vegan : Saving The Planet One Bite At A Time

This wasn’t the first time the gallant Pamela took the mic and stir the wondering minds of her audience. As a vegan and an true animal lover, Pamela shined light on many concealed issues in relation to the impact food industries have on sentient beings and people in general. In addition, she enlightened many of us on how vegan is the right way to go to save our companion animals, our health and our planet. Her authentic approach to presenting the truth is both refreshing and soul piercing.

Although the talk was more of a discussion this time round, Pamela managed to captivate each and every one of them with inspiring and informative story of what’s really happening on this planet. Her skills and enthusiasm in drawing the pictures of tortured animals and fallen lands is just sensational every time she speaks. She is undoubtedly a reliable source to guide anyone who wishes to lead a more blissful and cruelty free life.

The discussion could never be carried out so successfully without the aid of Tropical Spice Garden (Paul & Michelle). The cosy and aspirational environment along with the healthy organic delicacy simply made everything else jive and harmonious. I really appreciate the support and contribution from the audience, especially from our vegan friend, Mariano Sosa, who selflessly volunteered to give us a sneak peak of the real world through his laptop. Overall, it was one of the best holistic motivational talks I’ve ever been. – Tan Seoh Chen

Speaker : Pamela Nowicka

Part of the participants having a discussion

Snacks by Zenxin Organic Food Penang @ Prima Tanjung

The fist talk that was held on 26th September 2015 @ TSG – In The City was great and the upcoming talk by Pamela Nowicka will be held on 10th October 2015, 3pm @ TSG – In The City as well with the title Being Vegan: Saving The Planet One Habit At A Time.

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