Birds & Nests – Signs Of Spring

The past 3 months was spring time in Penang!

Most of the flowering plants in the garden were blooming, and we also managed to observe two different bird nests by the water garden!

Yellow Vented Bulbul's Nest
Yellow-vented Bulbul’s Nest

We first observed the nest on Feb 23th when we noticed a couple of adult Yellow-vented Bulbuls (Pycnonotus goiavier) flying around the shrubbery by the water garden. There were two hatchlings in the nest, which grew rapidly as days passed. When we first saw them their eyes were closed, very tiny and featherless. It was difficult to see them clearly even from half a metre away due to the thick shrub, but then again, we didn’t want to get too close and agitate the parents.

Approaching March, they developed their primary wing feathers. With their big wide eyes, they started to test their wings by fluttering them rapidly while perching at the edge of the nest.The parents of the juveniles were nearby the nesting site all the time, making sure their precious were well fed & groomed. It took 9 days for these two juvenile yellow-vented bulbuls to fledge. Indeed it was a beautiful experience observing the bulbuls. They are fascinating to watch, and most importantly, family oriented for both the male and female took turns caring for their young.

Olive Backed Sunbird's Nest
Olive-backed Sunbird’s Nest

We were attracted by the not too loud, yet high pitched call by the water garden. Upon investigation, we saw a female adult Olive Backed Sun bird (Cinnyris jugalaris) perching on a branch where its nest was attached to.

Sunbird nests are unique as they are purse/pear-shaped, hanging from a tree branch and constructed using leaves, twigs and sometimes spiderwebs.  This adorable sun bird then flew into her nest and remained calmly in there guarding her babies, unperturbed by our observations. If you would like to have a closer view, try approaching it quietly and slowly and you’ll witness the sweet darling smile of a sunbird. Beautiful day? Go out & explore now, you might find beautiful things around you!

Bird Nest
Yellow-vented Bulbul vs Olive-backed Sunbird

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