CNY ‘Kuih’ Making Workshop

It’s the season of gift and joy again..

Noticed that the Aunty opposite your house starts to sit in the porch with the charcoal burning and some metal clips on it.. that familiar noise from the metal clips.. that buttery yet a little bit burnt smell in the air..


For those of you who cannot picture this, visit the garden on the 26th January 2014 to get a hands-on on how Kuih Kapit and Kuih Bangkit is done.

CNY Poster

Let me give you a brief intorduction:

Kuih Kapit a.k.a Love Letters is a traditional Nyonya thin/sliced biscuits make using these metal clips. and has has become a culture of the Chinese to make this during the Chinese New Year.

traditional chinese new year cookies

Kuih Bangkit a.k.a Baked Tapioca Flour Cookie is another famous Nyonya cookies and it’s a must have during the Chinese New Year. It is very soft and melts as soon as it’s in our mouth!

To learn more about them, come visit us at the garden.

Bring your kids along, it would be a great opportunity for them to learn and experience a culture’s tradition.

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