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Hands-On Cooking Classes

Here, our talented panel of chefs and experienced home-cooks will share with you their treasured family recipes – featuring delectable, spice-laden cuisines of South East Asia. Classes are usually limited to 10 people per session to make for a highly personalised approach with our guests who will each have their own cooking stations.

The school – the first of its kind in Penang – features Nyonya, Malay, Indian-Malay, Thai, Penang Street food and Asian Vegetarian cuisines. Our classes begin with a live guided tour, curated to offer a deeper insight into the use of herbs and spices through generations for healing, health and to create a myriad of rich flavours.


We start things off with a live guided tour of the Spice Terraces, followed by a stop at our idyllic Bamboo Garden where you can relax over a steaming cup of herbal tea before the class begins. 

Once the tour ends, you will be taken to the cooking school where you will learn to prepare the menu of the day from scratch. As the heat goes up and the AC comes on, you will be engulfed in a cloud of fragrant aromas that will leave your stomach grumbling in anticipation.

The experience ends at the scenic Patio where you will enjoy the fruits of your labour. Round off your day with a visit to the Gift Shop and feast your eyes on our impressive selection of herbs and spices among a wide variety of other lovely items. Individually sourced and imported from the point of origin: cinnamon sticks and black cardamoms from Sri Lanka, vanilla pods from Bali, cloves and nutmeg from Penang – the spices are neatly packed and sealed for your convenience, so you can buy some back even if you plan on taking them overseas.




9:00am – Live Guided Tour of the Spice Terraces

9.45am – Complimentary tea at the Bamboo Garden

10.00am – Cooking Class

12.30/1pm – Class ends with lunch at the Patio

All classes are conducted in English.Time may vary due to complexity of dishes and differing range of abilities of each guest. We also encourage you to visit our Gift Shop (by the garden entrance) before or after class to pick up some spices and treat yourself to something nice!

Open daily. Morning & Afternoon classes start at 9AM and 1.30PM respectively. 


What people have said about the Cooking School:

The Chef spoke fluent English and provided a lot of historical context on the cultural influences on Nyonya cuisine. We prepared three dishes, a salad, a chicken rendang and a black stick(y) rice with coconut milk pudding, which was just absolutely delightful. Everything tasted great and he whole experience was amazing from start to finish. I would highly recommend this as a gift to someone or as a great couple experience.”

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