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Tropical Spice Garden offers a refreshingly different approach to team building, which many have found excellent for team bonding as well as encouraging out-of-the-box thinking and creativity.

Half Day Team Building
Includes a live guide tour, 1 main activity (from above), materials, facilitators, and drinking water. Duration: 4 hours. From RM100 per pax *

Full Day Team Building
Includes a live guide tour, 2 main activities (from above), materials, facilitators, and drinking water. Duration: 8 hours. From RM180 per pax *

*non-inclusive of meals but let us know if you’d like us to arrange food and beverage

We will customise the agenda for you, or alternatively – you may choose from the following activities:

Circuit Games

Circuit Games gives participants a hands-on experience and everyone needs to work together to overcome all types of mind-boggling, adrenalin-raising challenges.

Scattered around Tropical Spice Garden are various challenge stations – each presents their own level of difficulty. Some challenges are physical and some test participants’ lateral thinking.

Work as a team to find answers to the given challenges within an allocated time. Think of this like a mini Amazing Race!

Cook Off!

Combine the natural environment of Tropical Spice Garden with Penang’s rich culinary history and you get a cooking challenge like no other. Participants first hunt for spices scattered around Tropical Spice Garden with a compass but they must avoid getting sidetracked by red herring questions and brain-busting clues to find the treasured hidden spices.

Once they unearth and find all the needed spices, the Cook Off begins! We put participants to the test with cooking done the old-school way using millstones, pestles and mortars. Participants must cooperate to dish up local dishes such as Devil’s Curry, Chicken Vindaloo and Chicken Rendang.


Sunny Sandy

Sunny Sandy hits all the right notes if you love the beach. Right across the road from Tropical Spice Garden is a beautiful stretch of sand, the kind that’s perfect for games and building giant sand castles. Participants can relive their childhood memories building sandcastles and play circuit games while bonding with their colleagues! Nothing like a fun day out in the sun.