More Than Just A Cuppa…

More Than Just A Cuppa…

Do you ever wonder what goes on before your cup of coffee is served? Where were they planted, how were they harvested, and what is the difference between the blends used by different coffee houses? If all those burning questions are keeping you up at night instead of the caffeine, Coffee Rescue Penang is here to the, well, rescue!

Coffee Rescue Penang is a mobile coffee truck that are dedicated in bringing a good cup of coffee to your premises. They work with local roasters to ensure each and every reasonably priced cup of coffee is fresh with a distinctive profile taste. Can’t miss their brightly coloured truck around Penang as they also have cold-pressed juices and fresh baked goods!


We are bringing the good people from Coffee Rescue Penang (and the truck!) to Tropical Spice Garden for a talk entitled “From Beans To Cup” where you will be taken on a journey from when the coffee beans are harvested and the processes they undergo until they end up as your everyday latte.

If you hadn’t noticed, the coffee trees at the Beverages of the World area have been flowering and fruiting wonderfully and we’ll be looking to use them during the talk.

Free cup of coffee to participants that register before 21 February 2016!

For registrations, please contact Jocelyn at:

012 – 4988797   |


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