Sweetie Stevia – What Are The Benefits?

Benefits of Stevia

SteviaDid you know that recent scientific trials have confirmed that the stevia plant; also known as Stevia Rebaudiana, has in fact many health benefits other than its use as a sweetener. It has many plant derived phyto-chemical compounds that help control blood sugar, cholesterol, blood pressure in addition to its use as natural sweetener. With the rise in health consciousness, stevia has become a replacement for low-calorie sugar alternative. It is a safe and effective plant derived rather than a synthetic sugar substitute. The sweet glycosides are typically concentrated in its dark-green serrated leaves.


Health Benefits:

  • Although stevia herb dry leaves are roughly 40 times sweeter than sugar, it contains no sugar component, thus making it safe for those suffering from diabetes. However it must be taken in moderation. This sweet property of sugar in stevia is due to several glycoside compounds includingstevioside, steviolbioside, rebaudiosides A-E, and dulcoside
  • Stevia can also help to inhibit plaque growth and overall oral health. It has shown its effect on suppressing infectious organisms in the teeth and gums. It can be used as a mouthwash by mixing 3 to 4 drops of it in a half cup of warm water or add 2 drops to regular toothpaste and brush as usual. Regular use, at least twice daily, can keep your teeth and gums in a healthy state.
  • Certain glycosides in stevia extract have been found to dilate blood vessels, increase sodium excretion, and urine output.
  • In addition, to it being an herb, stevia contain many vitals minerals, vitamins that are selectively absent in the artificial sweeteners.


Serving Methods:

  • Dried Stevia LeavesDried stevia leaves can be used as a sweetener in your tea or coffee. Use only small amounts as it is nearly 30 times sweeter than cane sugar. Approximately one teaspoon of dried leaves is equivalent to one cup of sugar!
  • You can also ground into in powder form and store it in an air-tight jar
  • To make it into syrup add a cup of hot water to a ¼ cup of grounded dried stevia leaves. Stevia syrup can be used for cooking.

You can find the instructions on how to make grounded stevia and the syrup in our ‘How To’section.

*Source of information from herbwisdom.com and www.nutrition-and-you.com

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