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Where To Go In Penang, Malaysia – Tropical Spice Garden Offers Nature Adventures For The Whole Family. 10% Off Online Tickets. Go Now!

where to go in penang

Welcome to Tropical Spice Garden, a treasure cove where nature and culture meet in Penang, Malaysia. Tropical Spice Garden is a bio-diverse living museum of the spices and other tropical floras that have molded our world history.The six landscaped acres of the garden is a treasure pot of more than 500 living specimens of green and exotic plants from around the world.
You can learn how to cook traditional dishes from our expert panel of homecooks who specializes in authentic Malaysian cuisines or organise your special event in our beautiful rainforest background. Whatever you are looking for, there are lots of interesting things to do and see here in our Tropical Spice Garden. So come and join us for a day in the tropical rainforest of Malaysia!