Asia's Hidden Eden

An award-winning garden set out over 5 acres of secondary jungle

Asia's Hidden Eden

Discover Penang's legacy as a
spice island 


Where nature meets culture

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Get up close with over 500 species of flora and fauna

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Tropical Spice Garden – The Best Spice And Flower Garden In Penang, Malaysia

Welcome to Tropical Spice Garden, the place where nature and culture meet.

Tropical Spice Garden is a bio-diverse living museum of the spices and other tropical plants that have shaped our global history.

The six landscaped acres of the garden is a treasure trove of more than 500 living specimens of lush and exotic flora from around the world.

We are also recognised as one of the best flower gardens in Penang, Malaysia for anyone that appreciates and enjoys learning about Malaysian flora and fauna.

Our Tropical Spice Garden is also ranked as one of the top tourist highlights of the country for “Best Garden in Malaysia“, “Where To Go In Penang”, “Interesting Places To Go Visit In Penang Malaysia” and “What To Do In Penang Malaysia

Spicy Deals

A Garden Experience Like No Other

Explore our award-winning tropical garden, the first of its kind in Southeast Asia. Or cook with
herbs and spices when you take our highly popular cooking classes. Children can get up
close and personal with nature in our specially crafted nature programmes. And if
you love the dark, then sign up for our one and only Night Walks.

Amazing Tropical Garden Tours


When visiting the Gardens in the day, choose between an audio guide tour or a live guided tour.

Audio Tours

Stroll though the Garden at your leisure as the stories of the spices and plants are brought to life. We encourage guests to meander through the intertwining trails and get up close and bask in the rainforest experience.

Guided Tours

Our experienced nature guides are always on hand to show visitors around the Garden. Our tours will bring the medicinal benefits, folklore and the historical spice trade of these magical plants alive.

Night Walks

This special guided tour happens after sundown as dusk turns to dark.

Cooking Classes

Our talented panel of homecooks share treasured family recipes of the spice-laden cuisine of South East Asia. Classes are limited to 10 people per session allowing for a highly personalised approach at individual cooking stations.

Delightful Cooking Adventures


A first of it’s kind in Penang, the school is custom-made with 10 individual purpose-built workstations.

Though the menus follow authentic and traditional methods they are taught in such a way that you are able to recreate the delicious dishes at home. Each class offers an insight into the cultural, healing and heritage aspects of the spices and herbs used in our Malaysian dishes.


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